“Cecilia Sterner is a conceptual artist whose work is site-specific and context-dependent. She focuses on process, incorporating her love of craft into ready-mades, photography, film and performance in which the interaction with an unpredictable environment takes on importance. In a playful, irreverent, surrealistic spirit, she attacks various aspects of our contemporary reality.”
Johan Sandström, Molekyl Gallery

People’s various shortcomings and delusions are a common thread running through Cecilia’s work. Her work explores perception, how each of us is the center of our own universe, the many-layered societal roles we play over time, our expectations, misconceptions, bad judgment, our bewilderment at our failure to comprehend one another, our loss of memory and inability to get the big picture. And the humor of it all.

Through her varied commissions and undertakings, Cecilia has garnered extensive experience working in diverse contexts, collaborating with various disciplines. As a film production designer she has both designed and built studios as well as adapted existing environments.

She has curated art programs and designed and built temporary projects in public spaces. Sterner was awarded two major permanent commissions for hospitals that have been implemented in which patients are the focus and collaboration with the project managers, architects and builders has been crucial to the outcome.

1996-97 MFA Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
1993-94 San Francisco Art Institute, USA
1992-95 Malmö Art School Forum, Sweden
1992 History of Religion 10 p, Lund University, Sweden
1990-91 Practical Philosophy 30 p, Lund University, Sweden

2019 Early morning hypnosis, Dream II, Malmö
2017 Blast from the past, IAC, Malmö, Sweden
Sound by Hans Appelqvist
2017 På annan plats, Ystad Konstmuseum, Sweden
2016 Publikation(1-90…) at Lund Konsthall, Sweden
2015 KLONK, Malmö Live black box, Sweden
2015 Molekyl Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
2015 Imago mundi, Venice, Italy
2015 Orionteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
2014-15 Vinge Law firm, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Red Jungle, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden
2014 Mon amie l’image, Frankfurt, Germany
2012 byLIGHT, Malmö, Sweden
2012 Poor city at Roskilde festival, Denmark
2012 Roskilde Road trip, Mejeriet Lund, Sweden
2012 BYOB, Stapelbädden, Malmö, Sweden
2011 Konstfrämjandet, Malmö, ”Different isn’t necessarily bad””
2009 Skånes Konstförening, ARCIVE -105 years of collecting, Sweden
2009 SKISS i Värmland, presentations and workshops, Sweden
2007 Art and space, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden
2007 6+1, Spegeln, Malmö, Sweden
2001-07 Publikation(1-90…) at Panora in Malmö; The Centre for Artists´ Books/
Visual Research Centre at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland; Malmö Konsthall;
Skånes Konstförening The Swedish Archive of Artists´ Books; “Traveling Magazine
table”, Art in General, New York, USA; Ystad Art museum; ”Publish and be Damned”,
London, England; Lund konsthall and Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2006 Cecilia Richard, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden
2005 Konsthögskolan, Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden
2005 SKISS, Konstfrämjandet, Malmö, Sweden
2004 Museum of Vikingberg, Helsingborg, Sweden
2003 Gallery S:t Gertrud, Malmö, Sweden
2002-03 Contemporary art in school, Konstfrämjandet, Malmö, Sweden
2002 Kabusa konsthall, Ystad, Sweden
2001 Publikation #14, Rollon, Malmö, Sweden
2000 Gallery C. Hjärne, Helsingborg, Sweden
2000 Shoot- Moving Pictures by Artists, Spegeln, Malmö, Sweden
2000 Aura, Krognoshuset in Lund, Sweden
1999 Rollon, www.rollon.net
1999 South City Drawings, The Pineapple, Sweden
1999 Rollon, Panora, Malmö, Sweden
1999 Whiteout Greyout Blackout, Barbacka konsthall,
Kristianstad, Sweden
1997 Mike, Oran, Inam & Chris, Forumgalleriet, Malmö, Sweden
1997 Monader, Malmö konsthall, Sweden
1997 Fisherman’s dream / Monkey’s nightmare,
1996 King Size Intermezzo, Peep, Malmö, Sweden
1994 Cecilia Sterner m.fl., Gallery FC, Sweden
1992 Photography Malmö-Göteborg-Stockholm,
Konsthallens Annex, Sweden

2019 Competition Södersjukhuset, Stockholm
2018 Curator Metropolis, Malmö
2018 Art design at Urban Beach, City of Malmö
2018 Project manager, Bob Hund, Malmö Live
2017 Competition Kulltorpsskolan, Sweden
2017 KLONK, Malmö Live black box, Sweden
2017 Art design at Urban Beach, City of Malmö
2017 Art design at Malmö Garden show
2016 Competition Källdalsskolan, Uddevalla
2016 KLONK, Malmö Live black box, Sweden
2016 Circles nearby, RPC, Trelleborg
2015 Concept and design of the Red Room, the Public Library of Malmö
Collaboration with Nina Warnolf
2015 Artists talk, Konstitutet during Bästa Biennalen, Tomelilla Konsthall
and Landskrona Museum
2015 Competition Stapelbäddsskolan, Malmö
2011-15 Art Direction and Curator at Malmöfestivalen
2014 Light design at Kärleksgatan, Malmö. Collaboration with Nina Warnolf
2014 Light design at Clarion hotel
2012-13 Board member of Skånes Konstförening
2011 Workshops at Sociology and Work science,
Kristianstad Högskola
2010-11 Creative workshops, Fashion Factory, Malmö
2011 Interview Face to Face, http://www.viewsline.com/
2011 San Francisco Film Festival, Q & A för Sound of Noise
2010 Art in school, Lindängsskolan, Malmö
2010 Skiss seminar, Stockholm
2009-10 Curator at Malmöfestivalen
2008 the Women’s clinic, UMAS
2007 SKISS. Hired six months to interact at the Regional Development Department, Kristianstad
2007 Idea Futura. Promoting creative ideas by kids in school
2006 Art commission, Tetra Pak, Lund
2006 Design CD cover, An iron fist in a velvet glove by Ludwig Böss
2004-08 Workshops at art schools and workplaces
2000-05 Various commissions in graphic design
1997 Art teacher at the Mike Kelley project, Rooseum, Malmö

2017-18 The bear, short film.
2014 Man without direction, 15 min
2014 Rain, 10 min
2010 Music for one x-mas and six drummers, 5 min
2008 Sound of Noise, feature, release spring 2010
2006 Woman by gramophone, 4 min
2004 Way of the flounder, 10 min
2002 Hotel Rienne, 30 min
2000 Music for one apartment and six drummers, 10 min

2019 Two year work grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2018 Helge Ax:son Johnsons minnesfond
2006 Two year work grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1999 Two year work grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1998 Project grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1997 Helge Ax:son Johnsons minnesfond
1993 Carl Jönssons minnesfond II
1992 Carl Jönssons minnesfond II

2016 Region Skåne
2015 Vinge Law Firm
2008 Region Skåne
2000 Statens Konstråd
1999 Statens Konstråd