Klonk is an audiovisual, parallel world. The room is 330m2 and is covered in green and pink stripes going in every direction. It is inspired by the American children’s author Dr. Seuss. The room is a stage set where you may interact on your own, all the while free to decide to just what extent. It was specifically made for the black box at Malmö Live.

Artist: Cecilia Sterner
Musicians: Karin Brodin, Natalie Eriksson
Electronic sound: Jean Christophe Morrison
Teachers: Katarina Nilsson Bremer, Alexandra Frid Giertz
Interactive sound: Skrotorkestern, Sy Willmer
Carpenters: Sy Willmer, Ali Atié, Ed Menton, Henrik Lindgren
Painting: Niklas Hillborg, Erik Hjalmarsson