Project manager and curator.

This was an experimental zone where art/design and sustainable food came together. Recycled, organic, vegetarian, seasonal and locally grown food were all represented. The restaurants were designed by artists and designers who all used sustainable materials to build and paint.

It was also the Malmö Festival’s 25th anniversary. Four 25-year-olds won a three-course dinner that was prepared and served by Joel Lindqvist.

Participating artists, designers, restaurants and chefs: Tercerunquinto, Kristian Körner, Apokalyps labotek, Pärra Andreasson, Fredrik Gertten, Kerstin Überlacker, Daniel Salomon, Karin Andersson and Johanna Bartel, Vi tre & trädgård, Sy Willmer and Mykorrhiza.

In the kitchen – Salt & Brygga, Joel Lindqvist/Kim Andersson, Tareq Taylor/Behrang Miri, Daniel Quartey/Pia Hall, Mykorrhizza, Återvinningskocken, Björkhaga förskola, Djupadalsskolan/Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson and Carina Brydling/Morgan Stockhaus.