Art director and curator

Paper was the theme of Malmöfestivalen, in both the art program and the design of the urban space. This meant relating to a material that we take for granted, as we are constantly surrounded by it. It is a material that can pose many challenges and give surprising results, in spite of being accessible to everyone.

Drawing was a natural part of the program, as drawing has always been an effective way of rendering visions and ideas visible. It is a living tool and the oldest form of image-making; it is also a universal language. In recent years, drawing has become many artists’ primary medium. With one or two strokes we can change directions entirely, enabling the viewer to understand or challenge an existing idea. As a communication medium, it conveys simple beauty, and for the artist, it is an invaluable tool for testing new ideas. Drawing lends itself to an open-ended, personal interpretation of the theme at hand.

Participating artists and designers:

Ingela & Vi, Angelica Falkeling, Jan Cardell, Björn Olsson, Framtiden, Fredrik Håfwander, Madelene Oldeman, Emil Z Ekberg, Kirsten Otzen Keck, Danilo Stankovic, Erik Vestman, Pärra Andreasson, Magnus Ottertun, Josefine Adde Dahl, Hanna Persson, Zeppelinare, Anna Wahlgren, Nina Warnolf, Minna Magnusson, Östra Grevie Estetiska linjer, Rickard Daun, Maria Segersäll and Rasmus Sköld, Björn Nyström, Form Design Center, Open call Paper, Malmö Konsthall, Återskapa and Moderna Museet.

This was also the year when the visitors could fly over the parking lot of Stortorget with Jean Christophe Morrison and his friends from the NYC Trapeze school.