Art director and curator.

Malmöfestivalen celebrated its 30th anniversary by inviting artists to an Art Domino.

In six projects, local creators invited other artists to work with them to create the program jointly. Malmöfestivalen invited the first artist/designer, who then invited the next, and so on. Men handed the baton to women and vice-versa.

The projects consisted of six workshops in the town square: six VJs creating the visuals for the stage at Gustav Adolf Square, designing and printing five different commemorative T-shirts, building six large hearts made of recycled materials, and four of the city’s galleries inviting artists to create site-specific installations.

The Malmö based art magazine Little Finger organized a mini domino. They invited MaeRKLIG, light artist Anders Smolka and the art collective Diary of Dream to build art work on the canal.

Participating artists and designers:

Diary of dream, Anders Smolka, Little Finger, Maerklig, Skånes Konstförening and Jenny Grönvall, Galleri 21 and Melissa Henderson, Makeriet and Tzunami, Galleri Gordon, Olof Werngren, Marie Boye Thomsen, Jacob Sikker Remin, Raquel Mayers, Micke Wehner, Joné, Chuva Featherstone, Julia Szulc, Robert Wegner, Magnus Pong, Max Solca, Michael Johansson, Emmy Lincoln, Niklas Hillborg, Josefin Svenske, Stina Hjelm, Åse Persson, Johan Suneson, Jon Ek, EllerOch, Tvåfota Design, Karolina Hägg, Múk Design, Malmö Konsthall, Galleri Krets, Cirkulationscentralen, Moderna Museet, Fryshuset, Berit Wilkmar, Den Vidunderliga Motståndsrörelsen and Organiserat Hullerombuller and Art Hood with Tomas Ferm and Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt.