A video- and performance experiment on altruism at Inter Art Center, 2014, Malmö, Sweden.

Economics, a theoretical discipline that is based on assumptions about people’s self-interest, has had great difficulty explaining altruistic behavior.
A large number of studies have been done to study altruism, but the fundamental question about the underlying motives are under constant debate. Economists, psychologists and brain researchers work together to investigate what happens in the brain when people make financial decisions.

To study altruism, researchers have developed a number of different games.

Would it be possible to find out how generous a consumer of culture —
a visitor to the Inter Art Center— might be?

The room dissolved in a big, red installation of fabrics and the projections The Habit, The imprinting and The desire.
A performance was improvised by Ola Simonsson on the grand piano and Cecilia Sterner, as a trickster in costume.