2019 Sketch assignment SÖS, Stockholm

2017 Sketch assignment Kulldalsskolan, Kristianstad

2016 Sketch assignment Källdalsskolan, Uddevalla

2015 Sketch assignment Stapelbäddsskolan, Malmö

, 2019

The corridor to the milk room at the Neonatal ward at Södersjukhuset.

Lamps built into the ceiling project direct light through moving glass objects and provide a constantly changing experience.15 everyday glass objects in thicker industrial glass are hung in 15 rotating motors, about 1 rpm but slightly varying speed for a constant variation.

, 2019.

Sketch to corridor at the Neonatal ward at Södersjukhuset.



A sketch assignment for public school, Stapelbäddskolan, Malmö.

The title of this piece was inspired by a television program where baboons kidnapped dogs and cats and kept them as pets. Things are not always as they seem, and we constantly discover new, surprising things about our environment and about fellow members of our own species, if we are curious and ask questions.

Albert Einstein said, ”The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”. Sometimes we have to come to terms with our preconceptions of the world to be able to see things from a new perspective. How else can we come up with new ideas? Creative processes must be approached without preconceived notions. Therefore, there is no such thing as a stupid question and it is indeed possible that baboons keep pets.

The images, which are made from acoustic panels acoustic materials? absorbant materials? acoustic panels? , are meant to be like pixelated pictures from which a pattern emerges and can be discerned. There is no predefined image; the images come together in the imagination. The light ropes that span two or three patterns symbolize the monkeys and their pets. They become a depiction of play and exploration.