The Glade

THE GLADE Malmö Live Concert Hall, 2022  GLADE  is a seating installation thatcertain parts improvised. It is a place for rest and recreation and is characterized by the care of the hand.Most of the material is reuse of fabrics, lampshades and collected branches from the forest. Hence a pragmatic approach to the creation process on site. […]

Space Group Show

SPACE Group Show Martin Bryder Gallery Dec 22 – January 23 Real World, object, 2022  A few caps from the Limited edition are still available.

Real World

REAL WORLD Inauguration of ARTies mobile art hall, Eslöv, 2022  Sorcery meets campaign work. An investigation of the visitors’ grounding in reality. Everyone who answered a survey received a pin and candy. Inside the caravan was a cave with a creature cooking candy. Performers:Sonja Bergendal SternerOlivia KornfältCecilia Sterner

Kid Cave

KID CAVE   Spring/summer 2022, Malmö Live Concert Hall Kid Cave is a space for kids between 2-10 Years. They can lie down here and look up at the play of light on the ceiling and listen to Bachs Air. It’s a place for contemplation and the inside is calm and inactive. No adults are allowed […]

Urban Beach

URBAN BEACH Ribersborgsstranden, City of Malmö, 2017-18 Urban Beach was a place and a summer hangout for Malmö’s children and young people. Here they could borrow beach games, sunbathe, swim or buy affordable sandwishes. More than 60 hand painted signs were made by the artist. Cecilia Sterner – Art workPella Ström – Project manager Morgan Schagerberg and […]

Red room

THE RED ROOM Concept and design for the Red Room, the Public Library of Malmö, 2015 A collaboration with Nina Warnolf. Metal work:Möllevången plåt ABCarpentry: Johan Mattsson, Ponton DesignDrapes, pillows: ScenutrustningLamps: Cia Borgström (fabric) & Sy Willmer (construction)

Circles nearby

CIRCLES NEARBY  Center for Forensic Psychiatry, 2016, Trelleborg, Sweden   Glass walls with colored filters and printed ink paintings. Bronze birdhouses with recorded birdcalls of three different birds, which can be heard when in the area, when the birds are visible. Pine birdhouses that will eventually be mounted on trees just outside the picture window. […]

Malmöfestivalen 14

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2014 THE DOMINO Art director and curator. Malmöfestivalen celebrated its 30th anniversary by inviting artists to an Art Domino. In six projects, local creators invited other artists to work with them to create the program jointly. Malmöfestivalen invited the first artist/designer, who then invited the next, and so on. Men handed the baton to […]

Sketch assignments

SKETCH ASSIGNMENTS 2019 Sketch assignment SÖS, Stockholm 2017 Sketch assignment Kulldalsskolan, Kristianstad 2016 Sketch assignment Källdalsskolan, Uddevalla 2015 Sketch assignment Stapelbäddsskolan, Malmö THE MILKY WAY, 2019 The corridor to the milk room at the Neonatal ward at Södersjukhuset. Lamps built into the ceiling project direct light through moving glass objects and provide a constantly changing experience.15 […]

Malmöfestivalen 15

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2015 Art director and curator   Participating artists and designers: Valeria Montti Colque, Peter Johansson, Moderna Museet with ACTIONPAINTINGBABYSPLASH, Tzunami, Butler/Lindgård, Marko Wramén and Anna Thorbjörnsson, Pop up lab, Utvalt with FDC and Konsthantverkscentrum and Malmö Konsthall.     Peter Johansson ACTIONPAINTINGBABYSPLASH ACTIONPAINTINGBABYSPLASH ACTIONPAINTINGBABYSPLASH Valeria Montti Colque Valeria Montti Colque Valeria Montti Colque Valeria Montti […]

Malmöfestivalen 13

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2013 PAPER & MALMÖ NORDIC Art director and curator Paper was the theme of Malmöfestivalen, in both the art program and the design of the urban space. This meant relating to a material that we take for granted, as we are constantly surrounded by it. It is a material that can pose many challenges […]

Malmöfestivalen 12

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2012 GUERILLA KNITTING Art director and curator   The focus was on folk art and guerilla knitting and an open call in collaboration with Skånes Hemslöjdsförbund and 50 groups of knitters. Participating artists and designers: Open call with 50 groups of knitters, Thomas Öberg interprets Yoko Ono with Jonas Kullhammar, Goran Kajfes and Naomi, […]

Malmöfestivalen 11

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2011 CARTOONS and SUSTAINABLE FASHION   Art director and curator   There was a strong focus on Swedish cartoonists and sustainable fashion. Cartoonists made drawings that were blown up into giant figures, as well as making the signs for the festival and telling stories at one of the designated meeting points. Hållplats Mode (project manager […]

Malmöfestivalen 10

MALMÖFESTIVALEN 2010 ELEVATED EVERYDAY Art director and curator Artists did site-specific works on Hamngatan. Eight cars were turned into installation pieces. Ten boutiques showed artwork in their windows and the road signs were altered. A giant portal made of recycled wood was erected in the middle of the street, and a workshop house made of […]

Production designs

THE BEAR a succesful woman at the top of her career is fed up with being a human being, buys herself a bear suit and emigrates to the wilderness. when civilization finally catches up, she has to choose which world to belong to.19 min fiction 2018. PD: Cecilia SternerDirector: Johannes Stjärne NilssonDoP: Charlotta TengrothPhoto: Nils […]